Find your Inner Nature

Natures Candle Company creates Soy candles for many reasons. Soy candles burn slower, more evenly, and does not emit soot and is a 100% renewable resource. Each candle is hand mixed and poured by our staff at time of order to ensure that our high quality fragrance lasts until the jar is empty. 

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All natural, hand poured, soy candles

From our Nature Collection

Spring Rain clean refreshing blend with light fruity tones enhanced with hints of florals and spices. Bring spring indoors!

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From our Floral Collection

Wild Mountain Honey an awesome honey fragrance abundant with a mixed bouquet of wild flowers.  Let your garden come inside!

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From our Fruit Collection

Fruit Slices a citrus fragrance with fresh oranges, grapefruit, straberries, ripe mellon, peaches, and kiwi with a touch of sugar. Indulge yourself with fresh fruit.

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Bringing the

Outdoors In!


Our passion is nature. Our 100% soy candles are each hand crafted when you order. It is our goal is to help you continue enjoying your last excursion into the great outdoors for as long as possible. We use only high quality fragrances and scents to keep you immersed in that place you want to escape to. 

Happy Customers

"It was great meeting Rick, and we've really enjoyed our candles. We'll definitely be ordering more!

Mariah S.

There's something really nice about supporting local business. We met Rick at a farmer's market, and enjoyed hearing his story. We picked up two candles and have enjoyed them thoroughly. Best of luck, Rick!

Jeremiah W.